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The theme of greenish “marble” printed on a huge poster is a symbol of Nature and our greenery here on Earth. As an element of the scene it supposed to single out the lack of flowers, grass and trees in the dark surroundings. The combination of those two elements is a metaphorical vision of the possible scenario for our future world. World where the degradation of the environment was not stopped, where greenery, like marble, became something exclusive, wanted and something that we miss.

The key element of the conception is the place itself. TAURON Group conducts proecological actions to cultivate the areas, which appears on images. This is an inspiring message, sent to the audience, that making smart and responsible decisions is possible and it can guarantee as to keep our world green in the future.

model: Dominika Hyła D’IVISION

style: Sylwia Morawska

make-up: Patrycja Piechówka

concept, retouch, photography: Ann Czerny

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